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    AutismCodes is a nonprofit that personalizes education and therapy for those on the spectrum

    Every talented person in history who has been on the autism spectrum fostered their talents because someone mentored them from an early age. When a child is diagnosed with autism at 1.5 years of age - they have an eighteen-month-long window until they are three years old to achieve ‘escape velocity’ in their treatment. If they do not achieve a certain level of function within this window of time - they are highly unlikely to achieve independence within their lifetime.


    In addition to timing, there is another critical element of effective autism therapy – personalization. Every person on the autism spectrum shows some focus on certain skills. Temple Grandin, arguably the most famous person with autism in the world, wrote her book called ‘Thinking in Pictures’ to describe how her brain visualizes nearly everything. There’s an autistic man named Steven Wiltshire, who can fly over Manhattan for 20 minutes in a helicopter, then can paint the Manhattan Skyline with remarkable precision, There are children with autism who can play a song with perfect pitch after hearing it only once. My own brother, Jim, can take you block-by-block from downtown Saint Louis to out in the suburbs from his memory — telling you exactly what streets to turn on with a perfect understanding of the city’s map in his head. It is truly remarkable.


    During the critical time window, 1.5 – 3 years old, the most effective way to test which learning styles best engage the child is brain scanning. Your technology developed by Kernel is uniquely positioned to provide this data which is a sorely missing piece of the autism puzzle.


    We take a ground-up approach to teaching people based on their innate learning styles. In the 1960s, K-12 Education in the USA had students filling out “A-D Bubble Tests” to tell them which career paths they might want to pursue: “Plumber, Electrician, etc.” based on their answers to standardized questions. We can so much better with the same scope and better technology.


    We do everything in our power to optimize this mission-critical window of time, for those with Autism and also without, to bring a child’s level of functioning not only up-to-par, but far beyond it. We empower children by detecting 'splinter skills', or sources of extraordinary talent, from an early age, and engaging them in their passions from day one.


    With Brain enabled tests and exercises, we can begin to inventory a child’s skill set, interests, areas of talent, and styles of learning. For example, if we can determine if a child is an auditory, or visual learner from an early age, we can then tailor their education program to suit, as a visual or spoken-word based program and we can supercharge this child’s capacity to learn from an early age. By using EEG brain scanning to determine if a child is interested in an activity or not, we can then determine if a child is engaged and focused. We can develop an understanding of this child’s interests by collecting and examining this data.


    1 in 44 children born today have some level of autism. Yet the way we are treating the condition has barely changed for twenty years.



    AutismCodes can help you or your child today. Contact us below.

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    Rich Zajac

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  • From Rainman to Rainmaker

    Rich's Senior Thesis at Claremont McKenna College:


    A Presentation of Jim’s Journey and Rapidly Advancing Technologies: Integrating Proven Behavioral Therapies with Emergent Measurement and Testing Advances Will Result in Transformational Progress in Autistic Individuals 

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    June 26, 2015: AutismCodes sponsors United Nation's Charter Commemoration Ceremony

    AutismCodes is proud to announce their sponsorship of the United Nations' Charter Commemoration Ceremony. On June 26, 2015 the United Nations will be recognized for 70 years of life changing work at the Fairmont San Francisco, where the initial document was drafted in 1945. The anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter will host thousands including the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, many world leaders, US politicians and for the first time ever the founders of AutismCodes. Our organization could not be more thrilled to participate and support the United Nations as they celebrate their founding at this historic event.
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    2014 Forbes Under 30 Summit

    On October 19th, 2014 AutismCodes was honored to be one among 1,000 attendees and members of the Forbes "30 Under 30" list of upcoming business leaders. The conference included panel discussions, keynote presentations, parties and pitches in front of the world’s top venture capitalists with a goal to "create partnerships that will change the world over the next 50 years". AutismCodes is dedicated to being a part of the next generation of change and was honored to be a part of such a prestigious conference with influential leaders, speakers, sponsors and attendees whom share the same goals and passion for change.
  • Our Research Publications:

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    Adapting Autism Treatment Techniques for the Digital Age

    Richard P. Zajac

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    Positive Psychology
    & Autism
    Maddie Crawford,
    Cora Miller, Sung Mo Ku and Rich Zajac

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